who we are

Proudly South African

Imagine eating a big, meaty pie, filled with tender cubes of real meat and rich gravy, oozing from fluffy layers of pastry that melts in your mouth as you bite down.

And to cool you down and quench your thirst, real fruity juices that refresh mind and body. Stop imagining! That’s exactly what you’ll find in any Pie City store!


The History of Pie City

Pie City is a home-grown business established as far back as 1994. The first few outlets were so successful that, within a year, we began franchising our stores and today we have a strong store base in South Africa, Botswana and Zambia.

Pie City stores specialise in on-site baking and retailing of a wide variety of pies and fruit juices – all made from the best ingredients possible and to the highest quality standards in our state-of-the-art factory. We only use 100% real ingredients, so you won’t find any meat or cheese substitutes in our pies and our juices are all made from blends of 100% real fruit juice.

In recent years, in line with our proudly South African entrepreneurial spirit, we have expanded our operations beyond our stores to include Belly Bag Operators, Pie Push Carts and Bikes. These small business opportunities allow individuals to become their own boss and allows us to get more pies and juices, fresh and fast, right to where our Citizens are.


Mission and Values

We are a customer-centric organisation with a strong business ethos of “serving the people that serve the people”.

All our customers are VIPs in our City and we refer to them as Citizens. Our frontline teams form strong connections with our Citizens and we call them Ambassadors as they convey the essence of our humble, friendly brand in every interaction they have.

Our Mission is simple and focussed: to provide our Pie Citizens with a fast, fresh, filling and friendly meal. We want to be easily accessible as part of our Citizens’ daily lives and always ready to serve them quickly. We know that quality and value is important to our Citizens and we believe they deserve a good deal, so the same pride and care that goes into our quality products, goes into our service. Genuinely caring about our Citizens’ well-being makes us different.

We pride ourselves on a “baker’s dozen” of 13 values that our Frontline Ambassadors, Business Owners, Entrepreneurial Operators, Franchisees, Administrative Support Team, Factory Team and Management all subscribe to and live by.