Kagiso Maremagae is a 22 year old male staying in a small village near Hammanskraal. He has always wanted to run his own business so when he met Mahlatse, also a belly bag operator who works with Pie City Jubilee, he told Mahlatse his story, that he wants to run his own business. Then Mahlatse took Kagiso to meet Quincy, the local Sales Manager at Pie City, for an interview, who in turn gave him the opportunity to run his own business through the Pie City Belly Bag Operators Business Initiative. Kagiso has become the top Belly Bag Operator in Jubilee Mall by selling an average of 1300 pies a month!!! He is very happy to work with Pie City because now he can take care of himself and he can contribute to his family. If you are inspired by Kagiso`s story and want to create your own story as a Belly Bags Operator at Pie City, please inbox us your contact details and location OR contact Quincy the local Sales Manager on 076 401 8843